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Is it time to start planning for college? Don’t know where to start? If so, Accelerated College Strategies & Services is here to help. We know how exciting and stressful this process can be. That is why we offer the guidance and tools to prepare you to find a college that fits your needs and the financial planning to pay for your college experience.

We help families who are going preparing for college and for the experience of a lifetime. From college searches to preparing your FAFSA, we have the training and passion for helping your family and child succeed. If you have any questions or ready to schedule your appointment, schedule today or email us at [email protected]

Why Accelerated College Strategies & Services?

•We have a passion to help your family send your kids to college
•Expertise with the FAFSA, CSS, essay writing, application process, and the ACT/SAT test prep
•Access to licensed teachers for personalized tutoring and career assessment tools
•We make sure to stay up to date on the latest information
•We develop customized solutions for each family

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