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When for any reason we undergo surgery, we may be concerned that the person in whom we put our health, is able to perform the intervention successfully.

That is why before choosing a Neurosurgeon Physician it is prudent to consider the following aspects:

First of all, distinguish if he is a general practitioner or a surgeon, since he performed specialty studies and training in order to perform surgical procedures.

Second, to verify that the surgeon is the appropriate specialist to review the condition, since there are various subspecialties. A Neurosurgeon is in charge of attending to problems of the peripheral and central nervous system, an expert in brain and spine issues.

Make sure you are a certified Neurosurgeon, also know your background.

It is important to know if he is a certified doctor by the Mexican Council of Neurological Surgery, as this way we will have the certainty that he is a trained and accredited professional to carry out his work.

Medicine is a field that advances day by day, it is vitally important that the Neurosurgeon who attends you is updated so that he offers the best alternative available to date for your particular case. Congresses, workshops, courses, meetings between colleagues in various societies, are the ideal receptacle for a doctor to learn the news. Check if your specialist belongs to a society or if he is a regular assistant on various update platforms.

Something very significant is that the patient feels comfortable and trusting with his doctor, that he perceives responsibility and seriousness in all the procedures and that he does not be afraid to ask what is necessary as many times as necessary in order to be satisfied with the explanation.

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