Helene Gross - Artist of Spirit/My Divine Connexion
Artist of the Spirit
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Helene V Gross

Certified Hypnotist/ Past Life Regressionist/Author/Artist/

Tarot Reader/ Psychic Medium/Energy Healer/Singer

Spiritual Advisor/Meditation Teacher/Life Coach

Services offered online and on location.

Tarot Reading, Hypnosis Sessions, Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives Regression, Meditation classes, Art for the Soul classes, Life Coaching , Healing and Shirodhara sessions.

Tibetan Face Lift Session.


PTSD, Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Eliminating Anxiety, Depression Release, Releasing Emotional Trauma, Reiki, Spiritual Guidance, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Horse Therapy, Enhancing Sports Performance, Public Speaking, Improve Memory and Concentration, Overcoming Fears and Phobias, Akashic Records, Past Life Regression, Public Speaking.