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Rhythm of Now is a coaching and training company for individuals & businesses. At the core of everything we do is our ability to be present. Presence opens up new possibilities in the face of old patterns and is the essence of our natural state of flow, love and joy.

We specialize in partnering with:

People that want to wake up and love life again. That want to feel alive and vital and are willing to look and dive into new territory to get the most juice out of life. Your focus can be on health & well-being, career & money, relationships, spirituality, anxiety reduction.

Men’s training – “Relationship Mastery For the Modern Man”. A 12-week course for men to develop juicy relationships, presence and personal power

Entrepreneurs that want to consciously grow their business, enjoy the process, and have a rich and fulfilling life outside of work.

• Develop efficient & effective systems
• Focus on results & profitability
• Have Fun!
• Sales & Marketing Strategies
• Culture where everyone is learning and growing and moving in unison toward a unified vision
• Time Management

Couples that want to revitalize their relationship through:

• Conscious communication skills
• Conflict/resolution tools
• Deeper intimacy and a revitalized sex life
• Honoring your partner as your teacher – not a person you need to change

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