Kredit Magic
Business Credit Counseling, With a Personal Touch
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What I Do…
I will increase your credit score with or without credit repair.  Regardless of credit repair technique, I legally boost your score into the 700 or 800’s. Yes you may have had your credit cleaned up in the past, but they didn’t do what I can do for your score.
Why Choose My Services
I guarantee your score will go up 50 FICO Points guaranteed or we will add additional positive items to your report until it does. 50-100-150-200 Point Tradeline Packages available!
How I Am Different…
The method we use is not secret and will be revealed to all. We actually lease you lines of credit that cannot be used but will show up on your credit report. It is completely legal to buy positive tradelines as they are professionally called. Once you decide that a leased tradeline on your credit report will benefit you, feel free to ask friends and family to add you to their credit card accounts. If you cannot find anyone please do not hesitate to call. You will receive a no cost evaluation including a review of your credit report. Must come ready with Experian login credentials. We aim to serve you with professionalism and respect. I look forward to helping you and your family with our seasoned tradelines. My inventory is the largest and my prices cannot be beat. Boost up your score with us! If you are the least bit confused about tradelines and why they work call today!