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Without a doubt, the experience that La Bene currently has in its medical and diagnostic services has been achieved thanks to our presence over time, which has consolidated us as the best Private Hospital in the South of Tamaulipas.

La Bene is a non-profit hospital with more than 175 years of serving its community, beginning its history on August 25, 1840, the year that Don Francisco Preto and Neto Cónsul of Spain, arrived from New Orleans to the City of Tampico, which at that time had a high number of Spanish residents, as it was the port with the greatest commercial relationship with Spain and Europe.

During his stay, he realized that many compatriots had health difficulties and did not have a suitable place to be treated. This is how he decided to appeal to the generosity and brotherhood of the Spanish Community to give life to a noble dream, founding “the first Spanish Charity of the American Continent” on November 14, 1840.

In the first days of November, Don Francisco Preto y Neto, brought together a considerable number of fellow nationals to whom he presented the idea of ​​establishing the first Spanish Charity, a proposal in which they enthusiastically declared to collaborate by providing the necessary financial resources for such humanitarian end.

Thanks to the vision of each of the members of the group led by Don Francisco y Neto, in the year 1862 the Spanish Charity had become a health home installed in its own premises located on current Avenida Colón and Francisco I. Madero, which by 1910 would become the Spanish Center of Tampico.

One of the times of most intense work for the Charity took place in the years of 1918 and 1919, in which the number of Spaniards who came to this city from abroad and from various parts of the Mexican Republic increased, sick and without money. , who required medical assistance.

Unfortunately, there were many complications that arose in order to meet the demands of care of these patients due to the fact that the facilities of the health home became insufficient. For this reason, on May 21, 1922, thanks to the support and tenacity of Mr. Antonio Quintana, the new Sanatorium was inaugurated, which was to be a model of its kind.

The support and commitment that underpinned the successful trajectory of the Spanish Sanatorium allowed it to celebrate its first centenary of life in 1940, a period during which it generated a wealth of experiences and knowledge which were the motivation of the different executives who to date today they have been part of this dream come true.

There is no doubt that the vision of each of the leaders who have been part of La Bene, allowed in 1990 to improve the areas and services of the then hospital in search of offering its users, medical care of the highest quality, starting with the installation of areas such as Emergencies, Outpatient, Laboratory and Imaging, opened in 2000, the new hospitalization area launched in 2002, the Obstetrics unit in 2004 and the Operating Rooms, Intensive Care area. Adults, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and the Hemodynamic Room in 2005; all considered a reference model in the region.


For the year 2005, the excellence of the services and of the infrastructure that the Hospital had, earned it to be included as one of the members of the Spanish Hospital Group made up of the seven Spanish Charitable Societies of Mexico. Alliance that brought with it the strengthening of all the Beneficencias, who later would constitute one of the most important Hospital Groups in Mexico.

All the effort and effort put into over time have developed a humanistic sense of great love for our patients, values ​​rooted since the founding of La Bene by Don Francisco Preto y Neto, which have been instilled generationally in the staff who daily and during your stay they will seek to make you feel at home.

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