Sarina D. Hager - Hager Law, PLLC
Your Children Are Worth the Fight
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Sarina focuses primarily on family law, including adoption, child custody disputes, CPS investigations, divorce, grandparent access cases, as well as modification and enforcement actions.  

When these disputes involve children, Sarina firmly believes that protecting them both physically and emotionally from the impact of family crisis is the most important aspect of her work.  When this can be done peacefully, Sarina seeks creative ways to make child custody arrangements fit the unique needs of families.  However, when a  child’s well-being is in jeopardy, Sarina fights for their protection as if they were her own.  She consistently puts the children first, knowing that these children are worth the time and effort it takes to find the best possible situation for them–whether through peaceful settlement or aggressive litigation.

Sarina believes in fighting for the strength of families long-term, knowing that after the dust of litigation settles, families might look different; but families must endure and relationships must heal for everyone’s sake.  


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