Sharri Weinberg, Realtor® - Homesmart
Inhabit Phoenix
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Sharri’s passionate about real estate, supporting local businesses and most importantly, making a difference for people. Born and raised in Philadelphia, she’s a city girl at heart. Sharri’s background is in video and marketing, where she worked with children in foster care and other underserved communities, with a focus on creating awareness and positive change. The skills she’s developed over the years greatly influence the way she takes care of her real estate clients, always going above and beyond their expectations.

Sharri doesn’t just sell homes, she helps you find the perfect home, in the perfect neighborhood that fulfills your lifestyle and dreams. You are special and unique, and so is every neighborhood. With a great knowledge of the city and its very distinctive areas, Sharri’s goal is to truly understand your needs, to help make that perfect match.

Expect to not only find a great home, but to find it in the shortest time possible. Sharri guides you through inspections and due diligence, making the process as worry free as possible. And if you’re thinking of selling your home, her 18 years of marketing and video experience is a BIG plus!